FrameProv wins the Cambridge Blockchain Prize!

The Cambridge Blockchain Prize was a 6-month long competition organised by the Cambridge Blockchain Society and the Cambridge Blockchain Hub. Participants were asked to submit business ideas utilising blockchains in a novel manner.

I submitted FrameProv, my video integrity solution. FrameProv allows viewers to get verifiable information about the edits performed to the video they are watching. In this way, viewers can make up their own mind whether a video has been edited maliciously or not. The goals is to do away for the need for fact checkers and let viewers make up their own mind.

FrameProv had stiff competition: the runner-ups were an AI startup, Deepverse and a platform for managing IP rights, ALPS. I would like to thank the judges for validating this passion project of mine and I look forward to working with the mentors in taking FrameProv to the next stage of development.

You can find the detailed system design for FrameProv here and I have previously written a popular science article about it for OpenDemocracy here.